Last night, we all tuned into the Heisman Trophy ceremony to see what we all knew was going to happen. Jameis Winston won the Heisman Trophy. There was no argument to be had, because Winston was far and away the best player for the best team in college football, so this was good. Winston was then eloquent and well-mannered during his speech, until he briefly turned himself into the victim of those sexual assault allegations that he was cleared of.

He mentions it very briefly at the 2:25 mark of this video:

It was that very quick "after all of the things I've been through this past month," that alluded to the sexual assault situation. Right, Jameis, because you were the real victim here.

Now, I'm not saying that he actually did anything wrong. Jameis Winston was not charged with a crime, and therefore cannot be considered guilty of doing anything wrong. However, Jameis Winston hasn't gone through a goddamn thing this past month, and he's an asshole for saying anything to the contrary.

Jameis Winston exercised his right not to talk to the police, so he didn't have to go through talking to the police. He didn't have to go through a trial. In fact, the only thing that Jameis Winston definitely went through was some sex, some football games against mediocre ACC opponents, and endless praise from the media. Shit, instead of people in the media asking why it took eleven months for anyone to investigate things, long after there could have been any physical or chemical evidence of a crime, the only question on TV and radio stations was "how will Jameis Winston's exoneration affect his Heisman chances?" I'm sure that there are plenty of people who would kill to "go through" a month like that.


Meanwhile, Winston's accuser, whether Winston actually did anything wrong or not, has gone through the last year feeling as though she was taken advantage of, intimidated by law enforcement, laughed at by the people whose job it is to look into the matter and, given the 11 month break from accusation to investigation, presumably like the system left her no chance to pursue a case.


By saying that he's been through anything this month, Jameis Winston is giving a Heisman Trophy style stiff arm to facts. But I guess that's the type of commitment it takes to win the Heisman in the first place.