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You Can Bet On Roger Goodell Getting Fired As NFL Commissioner

Roger Goodell, the colossal shithead who appears to have lied about having seen the video of Ray Rice punching out Janay Palmer before suspending Rice for all of two games, is on the hot seat as NFL commissioner. Now, you can bet on whether or not Goodell will lose his job over his handling of the situation.


Over at ESPNW, D'Arcy Maine pointed out that has Goodell at 9/2 odds to get shitcanned for his laundry list of transgressions in attempting to make domestic violence seem less bad than smoking pot.

Odds were also posted at Bovada asking if Goodell would still be the commissioner of the NFL come Week One of the 2015 NFL season. After today's news, their odds have been taken off the board, but the question is still up on the site to indicate that they will be updated and reposted.


When Bovada's odds are updated, I'll post them here. Roger Goodell really is a great big shithead.

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