If you've had the intestinal fortitude to wade through the 500 yards of fecal matter that has been the comments section of every article related to Chris Kluwe's allegations against the Minnesota Vikings organization, the same question keeps coming up: if Kluwe was fired for his views on same sex marriage, then why did the Raiders also cut him before this season, instead choosing to keep a rookie punter? The answer: Marquette King is really goddamn fantastic at punting.

Despite being stuck on the Oakland Raiders in his rookie season, a Raiders team that has been 31st in special teams DVOA for two straight seasons according to Football Outsiders, King's 40.1 yard net punting average was 12th best in the NFL. His 48.9 yard average punt was the league's best, and was better than all but three of his predecessor Shane Lechler's 14 seasons in the league. Lechler, by the way, is considered to be one of the best punters in NFL history.

While King was only tied for 23rd in punts inside the 20 this year, it must be remembered that he played for a Raiders team with the 28th ranked offense according to DVOA, which gave him fewer chances to punt the ball from anywhere but his own territory.


So, there you have it. Chris Kluwe was not cut by the Raiders because he was bad at punting. Chris Kluwe was not cut by the Raiders because he is an ally for equality. Chris Kluwe was cut by the Raiders because Marquette King is really good at his job.