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Who Did The Eliminating In The 2015 Royal Rumble?

This year's Royal Rumble was kind of, for lack of a better term, underwhelming as shit. But it definitely happened, and there were definitely a bunch of people eliminated. Here's a breakdown of who did the aforementioned eliminatin'.


As you can see by this nerdy ass graphic, nobody got close to the 12 eliminations that Roman Reigns piled up in last year's Rumble. But Kane did become the Royal Rumble's version of Miroslav Klose by breaking the all time record for eliminations, which is evidently a thing that people have paid attention to. Who knew?!

There were also more than 30 eliminations despite only 29 people being knocked out, because Kane and Big Show teamed up to cause several of them. Unlike the NFL, where each guy would get half a sack (LIKE JOHN KRUK, AMIRITE!?!?), both guys got credit for an elimination for each of those.

Roman Reigns won the Rumble, but nobody cares about that other than the people upset that he did. Just look at the brightly colored little people in the chart above.

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