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Which NFL Teams Should You Bet Against Every Week? Post-Week 11 Edition

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With Week 11 in the books, a clear picture is beginning to develop as to which teams you should be betting each week, which teams you should be staying away from, and which teams you should just fade as if your life depended on it.

TeamATS RecordROI $ROI %
Carolina Panthers7-3-0-$83.60-41.80%
Oakland Raiders7-3-0-$83.60-41.80%
Dallas Cowboys7-3-0-$83.60-41.80%
Seattle Seahawks7-4-0-$64.80-29.45%
New Orleans Saints6-3-1-$63.60-31.80%
San Francisco 49ers6-3-1-$63.60-31.80%
Cincinnati Bengals6-4-1-$44.80-20.36%
Arizona Cardinals6-4-0-$44.80-22.40%
Denver Broncos6-4-0-$44.80-22.40%
Kansas City Chiefs6-4-0-$44.80-22.40%
New York Jets6-4-0-$44.80-22.40%
Philadelphia Eagles6-5-0-$26.00-11.82%
Buffalo Bills6-5-0-$26.00-11.82%
Tennessee Titans5-3-2-$43.60-21.80%
Indianapolis Colts5-4-1-$24.80-12.40%
San Diego Chargers5-4-1-$24.80-12.40%
Baltimore Ravens5-4-1-$24.80-12.40%
Miami Dolphins5-5-0-$6.00-3.00%
New England Patriots5-5-0-$6.00-3.00%
Cleveland Browns5-5-0-$6.00-3.00%
Detroit Lions5-5-0-$6.00-3.00%
New York Giants4-6-0$32.8016.40%
Tampa Bay Buccaneers4-6-0$32.8016.40%
Pittsburgh Steelers4-6-0$32.8016.40%
St. Louis Rams4-6-0$32.8016.40%
Minnesota Vikings4-6-0$32.8016.40%
Green Bay Packers4-6-0$32.8016.40%
Chicago Bears2-6-2$72.8036.40%
Jacksonville Jaguars2-8-0$110.4055.20%
Atlanta Falcons2-8-0$110.4055.20%
Houston Texans2-8-0$110.4055.20%

Not surprisingly, bad teams such as the Jaguars, Texans and Falcons are teams that you should bet against every week. And, given the way each of them have looked, fading them continues to look like a solid idea until lines are adjusted to level the playing field back in their favor.


This is especially true of the Falcons who, despite looking worse and worse each week, continue to not be huge underdogs in Vegas. For example, they are only a nine point underdog as of right now against the New Orleans Saints, despite the fact that the Saints look like world beaters and the Falcons were just blown out by the Tampa Bay Schiano Men.

My advice would be to bet heavily on the Falcons until bettors stop betting their lines down, assuming that bettors ever wise up and do that and don't keep throwing their money away on this terrible team.

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