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The NFL season is just a shade past the halfway point, which means that each team has had at least eight chances to win. More importantly, though, each team has had at least eight chances to make each and every one of us some guap. But which teams have been the most reliable to invest in so far?


Below is a chart detailing each NFL team's record against the spread, win percentage against the spread, and return on investment based on a $20 betting unit at -110 odds. Against the spread records are from VegasInsider's against the spread standings.

TeamATS WinsATS LossesATS PushesATS Win %ROI $ROI %
Indianapolis Colts72077.78%$91.6050.89%
Arizona Cardinals62075.00%$72.8045.50%
Kansas City Chiefs62075.00%$72.8045.50%
Miami Dolphins53062.50%$34.0021.25%
Philadelphia Eagles53062.50%$34.0021.25%
New England Patriots54055.56%$14.007.78%
Dallas Cowboys54055.56%$14.007.78%
Houston Texans54055.56%$14.007.78%
Carolina Panthers54055.56%$14.007.78%
Minnesota Vikings54055.56%$14.007.78%
Pittsburgh Steelers54055.56%$14.007.78%
San Diego Chargers54055.56%$14.007.78%
Cleveland Browns42266.67%$35.2029.33%
Green Bay Packers43157.14%$15.2010.86%
Cincinnati Bengals43157.14%$15.2010.86%
Detroit Lions44050.00%-$4.80-3.00%
New Orleans Saints44050.00%-$4.80-3.00%
Oakland Raiders44050.00%-$4.80-3.00%
Baltimore Ravens44150.00%-$4.80-3.00%
San Francisco 49ers44050.00%-$4.80-3.00%
Denver Broncos44050.00%-$4.80-3.00%
Buffalo Bills44050.00%-$4.80-3.00%
Tampa Bay Buccaneers35037.50%-$43.60-27.25%
Chicago Bears35037.50%-$43.60-27.25%
Atlanta Falcons35037.50%-$43.60-27.25%
New York Giants35037.50%-$43.60-27.25%
St. Louis Rams35037.50%-$43.60-27.25%
Seattle Seahawks35037.50%-$43.60-27.25%
Tennessee Titans25128.57%-$62.40-44.57%
Jacksonville Jaguars26125.00%-$82.40-51.50%
New York Jets17112.50%-$121.20-75.75%

Not surprisingly, the best teams in the league tend to be the most profitable for bettors, for the most part, with teams like Indianapolis, Arizona, and Kansas City being very profitable to this point in the season.

With that said, you can clearly see how teams who are loved by the public have failed to be beneficial to their backers. Denver is a great example of this, at 4-4 against the spread, a number that results in a net loss at -110 odds. The defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks also fall into this category, as the Legion of Boom hasn't been able to stop them from being worse than all but four teams against the spread this year.


Granted, it must be pointed out that these against the spread records and subsequent ROI figures may be totally different for you, depending on where you bet and what their lines look like. For example, my NFL picks have only seen one push all season, whereas these numbers feature multiple pushes. If anything, this exercise further illustrates the importance of line shopping, the pseudo-art of finding the best possible line across multiple sports books.


At the end of the day, there are a lot of factors that go into which teams are profitable against the spread and which teams are not. But there is one thing that is very clear: if you fade the Jets, you're going to be rich.

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