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As previously covered in this space, the Phoenix Suns are tearing the NBA up. Well, they're tearing up the NBA against the spread. Their 7-0-1 record ATS remains the league's only undefeated mark in that department. But which other NBA teams are posting winning numbers ATS?


This chart marks each team's record against the spread, as well as the amount of money you would win or lose by putting $20 on that team in each of their games and the percent return on investment that would lead to.

TeamATS RecordProfit/LossROI %
Phoenix Suns7-0-1$131.6082.30%
Minnesota Timberwolves7-2-0$91.6050.89%
Indiana Pacers6-2-0$72.8045.50%
Boston Celtics6-3-0$52.8029.33%
Philadelphia 76ers6-3-0$52.8029.33%
Los Angeles Clippers6-3-0$52.8029.33%
Golden State Warriors5-3-1$34.0018.89%
Portland Trail Blazers5-3-0$34.0021.25%
Dallas Mavericks5-3-0$34.0021.25%
Atlanta Hawks5-3-0$34.0021.25%
Charlotte Bobcats4-3-1$15.209.50%
Milwaukee Bucks4-3-0$15.2010.86%
Orlando Magic5-4-0$14.007.78%
Toronto Raptors5-4-0$14.007.78%
San Antonio Spurs5-4-0$14.007.78%
Washington Wizards4-4-0-$4.80-3.00%
Los Angeles Lakers5-5-0-$6.00-3.00%
Denver Nuggets3-4-0-$23.60-16.86%
Detroit Pistons3-4-0-$23.60-16.86%
Houston Rockets4-5-1-$24.80-12.40%
Chicago Bulls2-4-0-$42.40-35.33%
Miami Heat3-5-0-$43.60-27.25%
New York Knicks3-5-0-$43.60-27.25%
Oklahoma City Thunder3-5-0-$43.60-27.25%
Brooklyn Nets2-5-0-$62.40-44.57%
New Orleans Pelicans3-6-0-$63.60-35.33%
Sacramento Kings1-5-1-$81.20-58.00%
Utah Jazz2-6-1-$82.40-45.78%
Memphis Grizzlies1-7-0-$121.20-75.75%
Cleveland Cavaliers1-8-0-$141.20-78.44%

Generally speaking, very good teams are at the top of this list. When I say very good, I mean teams like the Indiana Pacers and Minnesota Timberwolves who have tons of talent, but don't receive the hype that teams like Miami and Oklahoma City get. That kind of hype clearly affects spreads, which explains the poor ATS starts for the Heat (3-5) and Thunder (3-5).

At the bottom of the list are bad teams and teams that have underperformed their expectations. Fading the Sacramento Kings is never a bad idea, unless you are sent in a time machine back to the early 2000s, but playing the poor play of the Brooklyn Nets could be profitable while they continue to work on their new-look team's chemistry.


Also, betting against the Jazz is worth considering. They are the league's worst team at 1-8 straight up, and a miserable 2-6-1 against the spread. Utah is the leading candidate to become this year's Charlotte Bobcats.

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