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Vikings/Packers: A Betting Guide For Squares

A square is someone who picks favorites. A square is someone who makes sports betting profitable for sports books. This one goes out to the squares.

Squares are going to take the Green Bay Packers in this game. In fact, 69% of bettors are on the Packers in this football game. Those people are squares, and this is really noticeable. Let's get into this game a bit.


Line: PACKERS -8 vs. Vikings

Over/Under: 47.5

This game's goin' over. So there's no need to read too far into that.

Over/Under: OVER 47.5

As for the game itself, this line is a serious overreaction to a great Green Bay performance against Chicago on Sunday, and the squares are buying it hook, line, and sinker.

That Chicago team that the Packers beat, by the way, is vastly overrated. For all the love that the combination of Alshon Jeffrey and Brandon Marshall get, Chicago is 27th in the NFL in yards per pass attempt. But Chicago is a big name team in a big market with shiny offensive weapons, so a big win over them will inspire false confidence in square bettors.

How can you tell that Green Bay is being backed by squares? Well, 69% of bettors are on the Packers, who just came off of a big win in the division. The line opened at Green Bay -10.5. Theoretically, the line should have moved even further towards Green Bay with such a large percentage of bettors on them.


However, the line has moved from Green Bay -10.5 to Green Bay -8. And while lines tend to move around a little bit from open to game time, this big a move is a strong indicator that smart money is on the Vikings, and that dumbass square money is on the Packers.

In fact, here's an example of a smart player placing a massive bet on Minnesota tonight.


Don't be one of those squares who overreacts to Green Bay's win over a middle of the pack opponent last week by laying the points here. Take the Vikings on Thursday night.


Pick: Vikings +8

Last Week: 8-5

2014 Season ATS: 34-27

2014 Over/Unders: 3-1

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