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USMNT Win Over Ghana Dramatically Shifts Betting Odds To Advance

I know, this is obvious. After a team wins a game in any competition, their odds to advance in that competition increase. However, as obvious as it may be, the USMNT's dramatic 2-1 win over Ghana has shifted the team's odds to advance in the World Cup by quite a bit.


Prior to the start of the tournament, the USA were heavy underdogs to advance out of Group G, going off at -500 to be eliminated in the group stage. One idiot even professed his interest in taking the United States at 5/1 odds to record zero points in group play.

After John Brooks' heroic header (and a very convenient Portuguese meltdown) yesterday, though, it's a whole different ballgame for the Stars and Stripes. Over at Bovada, they now sit at even odds to qualify for the round of 16, with their failure to qualify sitting at a virtual coin flip at -130.

Now, contrast those odds to Portugal's, who entered the tournament at -200 odds to move on from the group. They currently sit at +105 to advance, and at -135 to fail to do so, meaning that the USA are the slightest of favorites to finish ahead of them and move on.


Portugal, for what it's worth, also sit at +300 to finish at the bottom of Group G, compared to +900 odds for the United States.

Of course, before we all get too excited by these developments, let's not forget that a loss to Portugal on Sunday could very well render all of this meaningless. But, for now, the USMNT has a more than decent chance at surviving the Group of Death. That alone is cause for celebration.

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