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These Late Pick Sixes Totally Screwed Over NFL Bettors In Week Six

Bad beats, while unfortunate, are a part of the game in sports betting. But, holy shit, Week Six in the NFL deserves its own wing in the Bad Beats Hall of Fame, after three late pick sixes shredded tickets at the final moments of games.

First, we had the Broncos up by a touchdown against the Jets in the waning moments of their 1 PM contest on Sunday. Denver, nine point favorites, punted to pin the Jets deep in their own territory, essentially ending the hopes of a Broncos cover. That is, until Geno Smith snatched all of the sharp money with a gem of a pick six to Aqib Talib.


Naturally, square dipshits like Floyd Mayweather and myself benefited from this one to cover. It'll go down as a convincing 14 point victory in my book.

Later that day, Washington was down by a field goal at Arizona. Arizona was favored by three and a half, and looked questionable to hold onto the lead, let alone beat the spread. That's when Kirk Cousins did the...well, very thinkable given how dysfunctional the Washington Football Team is.


Arizona went on to cover the spread, giving a second favorite a cover via a late pick six.

And, because some of you crazy people bet over/unders, there was also a pick six that provided over/under bettors with a bad beat in Monday night's game between the Rams and 49ers.


The total was set at 44 points, with San Francisco leading St. Louis 24-17. A game tying touchdown, or a touchdown for the Niners, would push the game over the 44 point total. That's when Austin Davis, who looked so good in the first half of this game, completely fell apart, with another bet breaking pick six.


The lesson, as always, is that you are never going to win your bets, even when you're right.

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