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The People Of New Jersey Want Legal Sports Betting. Should They?

According to a Fairleigh Dickinson University PublicMind poll, which polled roughly 700 New Jersey residents, a majority of those people want the state of New Jersey to appeal a ban on sports betting placed on the state by federal courts. But would they be better off without it?

New Jersey wants sports betting legalized to create tax revenue that clearly isn't there currently since America insists on being the country that lets you go die for the ol' red, white and blue at age 18 but doesn't let you put ten bucks on the Bills to cover against the Dolphins.

However, if they do end up legalizing sports betting, people like you who are getting along just fine by going to your local bookie would lose out by having to pay a tax on that ten bucks you put on the Bills to cover against the Dolphins.

While the convenience of not having to find, build a rapport with, and rely on a bookie would be worth the taxes to some, there are surely a strong contingent of bettors that already have that figured out and wouldn't want to be bothered with Uncle Sam getting involved.

This hesitant attitude, combined with many other things, could be a reason for a decline in support of an appeal. In the summer of 2012, 45% of those asked the same question were in favor of appealing the ban.


While the federal government rarely acts in the best interest of Americans, preventing a tax on sports betting may be one time in which they have, albeit unintentionally.

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