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Straight from the ending of the instant classic between the Seahawks and 49ers, the betting line for Super Bowl XLVIII has shifted more than possession following a Colin Kaepernick pass in Richard Sherman's direction. Already, the line for the big game has swung by as many as three points at some books.

At the LVH, for example, the line opened at Seattle -2. However, with over 75% of bettors on Denver early on, the line has swung to Denver -1 at that book, which is the case at many other Vegas books. Earlier in the evening, RJ Bell noted that up to 90% of bettors were on the Broncos when they were receiving points, leading to the drastic change in such a short period of time.


Books have to be concerned about the volume of money coming in on the Broncos early on, given that if any team is going to win in blowout fashion and cover the spread in the process, it will be the Broncos who, unlike Seattle, have a quarterback who has completed well over half of his passes in the playoffs. There will be a lot of bettors, mostly casual ones, who will salivate over the chance to give less than three points with a team who has won eleven games by double digits this season.

As far as sports books are concerned, they will want the favorite to win straight up without covering, which normally leads to a profit in high profile games which attract lots of casual bettors. With money pouring in on Denver so far, it looks like that will be the case once again in the Super Bowl.

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