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Super Bowl XLVIII Propstravaganza! Day One: The Coin Toss

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With Super Bowl XLVIII just two weeks away, we are all about to be inundated with ridiculous and hilarious prop bets spanning every aspect of the game day experience. In Part One of a multi-part series, let's break down the prop bet related to one of the most important parts of every game: the coin toss.


Prop: Coin Toss

Source: Bovada

Odds: Heads/Tails both -105

I make a friendly bet on the coin toss every year with at least one friend. Some years it's five bucks, or twenty, or a trip to Five Guys, or whatever. The point is that it's really fun to bet on the coin toss, and everyone should do it for a multitude of reasons.


First of all, how nice is it that the coin toss is priced at -105 instead of the usual vig of -110. Is this a huge difference? Of course not, but it allows you to wager just a little bit less on this so, win or lose, you have a little bit more to wager on other stupid things that I will surely cover this week.

Also, betting on the coin toss is great because you know what you're getting all the way. There is a fifty/fifty shot of you winning, and there is no skill involved. This also means that there is no kicking yourself for not reading the injury report, or realizing that Denver just put in a new run package featuring Virgil Green of all people and why the hell would they run the ball with Virgin Green anyway? Nope, you've got heads and you've got tails. That's it.


But which one to choose? They say that tails never fails, but from a statistical standpoint it fails roughly half the time. This is a real dilemma. If only there was a way to convey just how even these two options are in terms of their probability. Oh well, good luck!

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