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Sports Leagues, Now Governments, Get Betting Injunction In NJ

Sports leagues bring in ungodly sums of money, and are still allowed to extort money from taxpayers like you and me on a whim. They are, apparently, also able to stop people from exercising free will by blocking the legalization of sports betting as they have in New Jersey. Sports leagues have become more powerful governments than our actual government. The system works, people!

On Friday, Judge Michael Shipp, a fucking stooge for the sports leagues fighting sports betting and relative of a former NFL player, granted a permanent injunction against wagering on sports in New Jersey, because what sports leagues want is more important than what the actual government and people living in a state desire.


ATL Redline describes all of this way more eloquently than I could ever care to, but it's completely disheartening that for-profit businesses are allowed to control policies that don't harm them in any way with nothing more than a stern look in the direction of the judicial system in this country. While that's hardly anything new, it's still a huge letdown.

This, by the way, is going to do nothing to stop under the table sports betting, which is still going to happen regardless of what the NFL and other leagues have to say about it. The only difference is that legalized sports betting could be regulated and not run by God knows who, allowing the bookies to do whatever the fuck they want to give themselves an added advantage over their clients.

New Jersey officials say that they are going to keep fighting this ruling, but there's no point in getting your hopes up. It's clear that, despite the NBA saying that sports betting may as well be legal, that the NFL and other leagues aren't going to let this happen. Sports leagues are our governors now, everyone.

Oh, and don't worry, I only saw one ad for fantasy sports gambling, which NFL players are allowed to advertise for, while writing this post.


Get fucked, Michael Shipp.

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