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Sports Books Actually Lost Money On NFL Week 11 Bets

A mantra among a certain type of sports bettor is that Vegas always wins. While they may not be wrong about that most of the time, sports books actually suffered losses on the NFL's week 11 action.

ESPN's David Purdum, the sports betting version of Darren Rovell if Rovell wasn't such a hypersensitive jackass, broke down the rough week for the books, a week that was punctuated by huge losses in the Sunday night game between Green Bay and Chicago.


During this week's games, including the Thursday night game between Cincinnati and Cleveland, only four teams covered the spread in week 11. While the Jets upset over Pittsburgh was a nice win for the books, as square idiots like me loved the Steelers -5, it's never good for the house when favorites win at a 2/1 ratio.

Percentage wise, the Dallas Cowboys were the most popular team of the week, as nearly 90% of bets this week were on America's team. Dallas' destruction of the London Jacksonville Jaguars wasn't helpful to books, but still had nothing on the Green Bay win from a monetary perspective.

Of course, a losing week for sports books means a winning week for bettors, which is never a bad thing. Good job, everyone. Vegas is going to absolutely destroy you next week, probably.


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