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The fight for sports betting in New Jersey has been a long and arduous one for both proponents and opponents, but a huge win for bettors happened today as New Jersey governor Chris Christie signed a bill that passed earlier this week to repeal the state's ban on sports betting.


I will see you the goddamn hell there, Senator Lesniak, who I am writing in for president in 2016 even if it comes out that he thinks ebola is good or something like that.

Now, because life is nothing but a swirling torrent of misery, it has to be pointed out that just because President Governor Christie signed this into law doesn't mean that we should all get ready to turn all the way up at Monmouth Racetrack on October 26. Pro sports leagues, and probably also the NCAA, will be fighting this great thing in court, and will probably win an injunction to stop sports betting in New Jersey until the legal system has run its course.

Of course, leagues like the NFL trying to stop states from legalizing traditional sports betting hasn't stopped entities in sports like the New England Patriots or Rob Gronkowski from forming business partnerships with fantasy sports betting sites, but why should Americans get to choose what forms of gambling they want to get involved in when that type of privilege is reserved for businesses and the government?

But even if the NCAA and pro sports leagues want to try to stop sports betting, today is a huge win for proponents of legalized sports betting in this great nation, and this is a fight that the sports leagues continue to lose ground in each day. Let's all just remember where to go for picks and other great sports betting content when it is legal, alright?

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