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Shut The Hell Up About Tyler Ennis

For those of you who are smart enough not to keep up with my whining on Twitter, I live in the Albany, New York area. This means that I'm somewhat close to Syracuse, which means that I've been bombarded with nothing but HOT TYLER ENNIS TAKES since his decision to turn pro. All of you should shut the hell up this instant.

I should preface this by saying that I am NOT, surprisingly, worth millions of dollars to a college or any other entity. Tyler Ennis, on the other hand, is. This makes it hard for me, and should make it hard for others, to question his decision making in situations like this.


Listen, I get it, kids leaving your favorite school early makes your team less good in the future. Believe it or not, my darling little University at Albany recently lost a player early because they wanted to turn pro (he played for, like, a year in his native Dominican Republic). But the dumb reasons that you are all providing as to why Ennis should stay make you look dumber than that North Carolina kid who submitted Rosa Parks: My Story. Let's run through some of these reasons, shall we?

These are actual arguments posed by people across various social networks and local radio and all of that shit.

He's Not Ready For The NBA

This is perhaps the most sensible argument as to why Tyler Ennis shouldn't bolt for the NBA. There is a learning curve in the NBA that is much steeper than that of college basketball, a game which Ennis arguably failed to master this year.


However, any sensible human would then realize that beating the holy hell out of Georgia Tech and Wake Forest doesn't get a player ready for the NBA, nor does playing a 2-3 zone that is essentially not legal in the NBA.

When it has been made clear that the success of one and done players in the NBA is entirely dependent on the potential ability level of that individual, not how much seasoning they have experienced in college, this argument falls flat.


He Had Something To Prove At Syracuse

What exactly does Tyler Ennis have to prove? And what would he have proven by staying at Syracuse?


Ennis has proven that he isn't afraid to take (and make) big shots, for better or worse. He has proven that he has vast potential on a basketball court, which is the entirety of what NBA teams are looking for when evaluating prospects.

If he won a national championship, or proved himself as a senior leader, would that have made him a better pro? Of course not. Tyler Hansbrough was all of those things, and he is nothing more than a serviceable bench guy. Again, all of this is entirely dependent on the player's potential, not on how long Jim Boeheim or Roy Williams get free labor out of them.


He Should Take Advantage Of His Free Education

Just fuck right off with this nonsense. The guy is a projected top-20 NBA pick, who will have a productive career in a league where Brian Scalabrine made seven figures for his final seven seasons. He'll be just fine.


As always, Tyler Ennis' decision to go pro has turned into an argument between people who support a player's right to work for monetary compensation and people who fully support the free minor league system operating under the guise of amateurism known as the NCAA. And, as always, the pro-NCAA crowd couldn't be more wrong.

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