Hot Picks. Hot Takes.

Tonight in the NCAA Tournament Final Four, UConn defeated a senior laden Florida team, while Kentucky's band of one-and-done players defeated Wisconsin. Everyone needs to shut the hell up about changing the NBA's minimum age requirement.

It's a common argument that more time in school makes players better, as if another year against an easy non-conference schedule at Syracuse will prepare a player for the NBA better than actually being in the NBA will.


Now, that's not to say that every player that goes to the NBA early is going to be good. But the fact of the matter is that those players wouldn't have been good in the NBA if they stayed in college for one extra year or one hundred extra years.

If that is indeed the case, shouldn't a Florida team that started four seniors have won the national championship? Shouldn't a more experienced Wisconsin team have defeated One-And-Done University? Of course not, because talent is more important than experience when measuring basketball success, but idiots everywhere still seem to believe in the contrary.

While those same idiots are spewing their hot takes as to why guys like Tyler Ennis should stay in school for no money, however, young guys like Aaron Harrison and Julius Randle are bolstering their draft stocks and about to experience a big payday.

The only question now is why people are so hellbent on delaying those paydays for those who have earned them.

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