There was some great discussion in the comments- [shock collar with Kinja logo on it shocks me] DISCUSSION section today. I always feel as if the comments- [shock collar with Kinja logo on it shocks me] DISCUSSION section is at its best when sensitive sports topics happen. Let's go over the best, shall we?

Favorites From Today's Commenting

DrewPearsonHOF has an incredibly valid question in the Donald Sterling reaction post. What I enjoyed about this was how discussion-provoking his discussion was. Keep it up, DrewPearsonHOF.

This was top notch from LowLowJames in the Snoop Dogg post. This is a perfect example of what I like to call the "slow play." LowLow reels us in and, rather than going all in right away, proceeds to discuss his discussion in a slow, prolonged fashion.

You'd be remiss not to love this discussion from Time Traveler, who offers a simple explanation for things in the Donald Sterling reaction post. Mr. or Ms. Traveler uses the "Double Play" to perfection here, covering multiple bases in a single discussion. Way to kill two birds with one stone, Time Traveler.


Orionspap blessed us with this quick, incisive gold nugget in the Snoop Dogg post. It's refreshing to see a discussion open and close so succinctly, with Tim Duncan-like efficiency in the delivery. Count it and the foul, Orionspap.

You've got to admire the moxie of jamesdean12 in the original Donald Sterling post. He knows that his discussion is going to draw heat from all angles, but he perseveres and delivers it in cold, clinical fashion. Plus one to you, Dr. jamesdean12.


Back in the Snoop Dogg post, kmcn47 deserves plaudits for taking the time to fully digest the content he's discussing with this gem. This is what Deadspin is all about in the comm-err, discussion section: taking the time to craft sheer perfection, and a commitment to never delivering anything less.

No duds today, because you're all special discussing snowflakes.

Leave your faves from today in the comments-

[is shocked again by shock collar and dies]