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People Aren't Trying To Be Racist With Racist Richard Sherman Tweets

Not surprisingly, after Richard Sherman's WWE promo-esque rant after the Seahawks' NFC Championship Game victory, people have been saying a lot of racist crap. But did you know that many of these people aren't trying to be racist at all? Here, let them remind you of that.


Those are all pretty bad, but this one. THIS ONE, which was deleted, I can't even deal with.


Or this one. These people can burn in hell.


There are plenty more where this came from, and even more that Twitter users deleted after they were rightly torn new assholes for tweeting in the first place. But, hey, these people weren't being racist before shitting this racist sludge from their keyboards or touchscreens into our eyeballs. They said so themselves.

For what it's worth, Richard Sherman was the salutatorian of his high school class and graduated from Stanford, and is probably smarter than my SUNY Albany degree carrying ass. But don't let those facts get in the way of your stereotypes, Internet.

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