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Norm MacDonald Is Picking NFL Games Better Than Colin Cowherd

Earlier, I discussed the struggles of Bill Simmons and Colin Cowherd in their NFL picks this season, and got a request from commenter NotMyFirstRo-Day-O to compare their failures to the track record of funny human/Breaking Bad enthusiast Norm MacDonald. Ro-Day-O's request was as follows:

Jay, can someone document Norm McDonald's picks this year. No way he can take down BEE, come up with a plausible but wrong BB theory that turns Twitter upside down, AND beat these hacks, right?!

Of course, for more on Norm's Breaking Bad theory and his take down of Bret Easton Ellis, feel free to go to his Twitter account.

As for his picks, he claims to be 8-11 in picking NFL games on the season, making the picks on Twitter. However, he has only tweeted seven of said nineteen picks this season, posting a 2-5 record in those picks.


If his 8-11 mark is to be believed, that 42.1% rate is far better than the 27.8% clip that Cowherd has posted through seven weeks, and just below the 43.7% effort from Simmons.

In Norm's seven documented picks this year, his 28.6% success rate is still better than Cowherd's Blazing Five, but well below Simmons' percentage. Either way, with an average of less than three picks a week, Norm's percentages are to be taken with a grain of salt, especially when the seven picks he's made available to the public have failed so miserably, kind of like Sports Show with Norm MacDonald.

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