I've got some serious analysis for each game coming either tonight or tomorrow, but it'll be up before the games no matter what. Hopefully that reasoning will lead me to a week that isn't super terrible this week! Home teams are in CAPS.

  • Titans +3.5 over COLTS (L)
  • Jaguars +7 over BROWNS (W)
  • Buccaneers +7.5 over PANTHERS (L)
  • VIKINGS (PK) over Bears (W)
  • EAGLES (-3) over Cardinals (PUSH)
  • JETS (-2) over Dolphins (L)
  • TEXANS (+7) over Patriots (W)
  • Falcons (+3) over BILLS (Game in Toronto) (W)
  • NINERS (-8) over Rams (W)
  • Broncos (-5.5) over CHIEFS (W)
  • Bengals (+1) over CHARGERS (W)
  • WASHINGTON (+1) over Giants (L! Giants!)
  • SEAHAWKS (-4.5) over Saints (W)

This Week: 10-5-1 (updated after MNF)

NFL ATS Overall: 37-45-5 (also updated after MNF)