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New Hampshire has never been known for its basketball program. This season, after starting the season with one win against a sub-Division I opponent and Division I Duquesne, they've lost 13 straight games. Today, one New Hampshire radio host asked their athletic director a question that many people have been asking: how does head coach Bill Herrion still have a job?

ESPN New Hampshire's Matt Perrault had athletic director Marty Scarano on his show today to ask about Herrion's struggles and if he has found the job done by Herrion's administration to be acceptable. Scarano's answer was pretty much "well, we've always sucked at basketball, so there isn't much we can do."


I almost died when I heard a Division I college athletic director say, without a trace of irony (at around the 2:30 mark of the above clip), that "we've never had a legal transgression with any member of this basketball team, which is unbelievable in today's society." While it's worth noting that Scarano should be commended for answering the questions and not blacklisting ESPN New Hampshire from covering them, the way that my alma mater would, the point remains. If those are the standards for coaching a lower level Division I basketball team, I would like to humbly throw my name into the pool of consideration for one of those gigs, and the salary that goes with it.

Herrion, who saw success early in his coaching career at Drexel, is 94-157 as the head coach of New Hampshire, and has lost his last thirteen games. As a state employee, his salary of over $170,000 is public knowledge, and should be a cause for outrage for fans who have seen his teams finish .500 or better zero times in what will be nine seasons once this abysmal year is complete.

But, hey, nobody's been kicked off the team for gambling, so he's got that going for him.


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