Michigan is garbage this year, so it's no surprise that nearly three quarters of bettors were on Michigan State against the Wolverines today. With the spread sitting in the neighborhood of Michigan State -18, Michigan covered, until they didn't.

The rare double backdoor cover began with under four minutes left to play. Michigan had yet to find the end zone in the game, until De'Veon Smith scored to cut into Michigan State's lead. Instead of kicking the extra point, Michigan went for two, and Devin Gardner hit Jake Butt for a two point conversion to make it a 17 point game.

Since there were just a few minutes left, Michigan tried an onside kick, which the Spartans recovered near midfield. Michigan State moved the ball deep into Michigan territory, and could have just run the clock out, but instead elected to continue driving the ball forward.

With 28 seconds left in the game, Jeremy Langford scored a five yard rushing touchdown to put Michigan State ahead 35-11, which ended up being the final score. Michigan State covered the spread as a result, and Michigan backers were hit with a pretty bad beat. Gambling is fun.


UPDATE: Apparently Michigan State scored their last touchdown to get back at Michigan for disrespecting them by planting a spear on their field before the game. College football traditions are a gambler's best friend, don't you know.