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LVH Bookmaker Sets Hypothetical Line For 2013 Jags Vs. 2008 Lions

The Jacksonville Jaguars are having one of the worst seasons in NFL history through eight games. They can't score, and they can't stop other teams from scoring, and they look like a candidate to go 0-16. But how are they being viewed compared to the last winless NFL team, the 2008 Detroit Lions?'s RJ Bell was asked on Twitter what he thought the line would be for a matchup between the 2013 Jags and 2008 Lions on a neutral field. He reached out to LVH bookmaker Jay Kornegay, who decreed that he'd make the line a pick 'em.


A pick 'em between two of the worst teams in the history of football on a neutral field! It's things like this that make time travel a necessity, so we can play out these hilarious and pathetic fantasy matchups on the field rather than on paper.

Personally, I would take the Lions in this scenario, only because the incomparable Dan Orlovsky still doesn't repulse me as much as Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne taking turns throwing interceptions on every possession. Then again, Maurice Jones Drew would also be the least horrific football player on the field (this comes with the caveat that Calvin Johnson wasn't a real-life glitch yet), which could swing things in the Jags' favor.

You know what, I take it all back. I'm glad this isn't happening in real life, and it would have been perfect as a pick 'em. Enjoy the betting stats of both the 2013 Jaguars and 2008 Lions from RJ Bell below.


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