When making my College Hoops Tip-Off Marathon picks, I figured that UMass' dynamic duo of Chaz Williams and Cady Lalanne would cover the 4.5 point spread against LSU in the 11 AM game. Things were going smoothly, until LSU pulled a Duhon on me.

The Minutemen made things interesting by turning the ball over three times in quick succession, which saw a lead that stayed around eight points for the majority of the final minutes shrink to three.

After a pair of UMass free throws made it a five point game, LSU's Anthony Hickey decided to hit a thirty footer with just over a second left. This killed the UMass cover, and resulted in some hilariously excited tweets from the betting masses.



So I got Duhoned. For those not familiar with the reference, Chris Duhon (before he was a travel prone failed NBA guard) hit a meaningless three in an NCAA Tournament game between Duke and UConn, which led to a Duke cover at the buzzer. It sent gamblers into an absolute frenzy and has become a famous shot in gambling lore.

College basketball, people!