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Lightning Causes Brutal Beat For Alabama Bettors

Bad beats are the best and worst part of sports betting. But there's no bad beat like one that doesn't even take place on the field. Today, the weather screwed over Alabama bettors, when their game with Florida Atlantic was called in the fourth quarter with Alabama leading 41-0.

The line on this game ranged from 41 to 42.5 depending on where you looked, with most books sitting at a 42 point spread. Unable to finish the final nine minutes of play, Alabama wasn't able to do any additional scoring to beat the spread, leaving Crimson Tide backers high and dry due to the weather conditions.


Alabama opened as 40.5 point favorites, so those of the 75% of the game's bets who picked the Tide who got to them early did score a cover, but you've got to feel for the rest who probably would have cashed their tickets if not for some dumb lightning.

You've also got to feel for Florida Atlantic, whose defense was worse than the goddamn weather today.

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