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James Dolan Expects Title From Knicks Team With 35/1 Odds

James Dolan is a horrific owner. He is bad at owning a basketball team. This is a scientific fact. Now, he expects an NBA championship from a New York Knicks team that is at 35/1 odds to win one.

Dolan, who is reviled by Knicks fans (like me!), made it clear that he feels that this season is the year that the Knicks can, and should, ride Carmelo Anthony's 30 isolation jumpers per game to their first championship since 1973. From ESPN New York's Ian Begley:

In a recent meeting with the coaching staff and some team executives, Dolan said he believes the Knicks have enough talent to win a title and that he expects them to do so this season, league sources with knowledge of the owner's message during the meeting confirmed.


Well, Dolan is nothing if not optimistic. However, a look at the odds for this year's NBA championship indicate that he is also completely out of his damn mind.

Via VegasInsider, the Knicks are at 35/1 odds to win the NBA Finals, with nine other teams favored ahead of them. If you include the Memphis Grizzlies, who are also at 35/1 odds, one third of the NBA is considered a more viable option to win the NBA Finals than the New York Knicks, but Dolan still expects them to win a championship.

Will the Knicks be able to live up to James Dolan's expectations? Only time will tell but, if Dolan was a betting man, there would be some serious value for him at 35/1 odds.

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