Saturdays at noon have always been flush with sports viewing options, especially during college football and basketball seasons. Unfortunately for soccer fans, this means that some of their favorite matches are being preempted on NBC, despite the mission statement to the left from NBC itself.

Speaking only from my area's perspective, Albany NBC affiliate WNYT has been showing ACC basketball over what is often the marquee game in the Premier League. This week, instead of Liverpool vs. Aston Villa (admittedly not a marquee game at all), New York's capital region are being treated to a basketball game between Florida State and Virginia who, at best, are the fifth and sixth most compelling teams in the ACC this season.

As you might expect, Premier League fans are not happy about this.



Don't worry, though, Atlantic 10 basketball is live on NBC Sports Network, which I'm sure is in higher demand than a match featuring Premier League goals leader Luis Suarez.

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