If you're anything like me, a person that enjoys possessing money, you like money that is easy to obtain. Since that is pretty likely, betting on Cristiano Ronaldo to win FIFA's Ballon d'Or will help you obtain said money very easily.

You see, FIFA has extended the voting deadline for the Ballon d'Or (pretty much soccer's Heisman Trophy, for the uninitiated) from November 15 to November 29, so as to include the final round of FIFA World Cup qualifying matches. As it turns out, nobody shined brighter in those matches than Ronaldo.

CR7 scored four goals in Portugal's home and home qualifier with Sweden, single-handedly dragging his country to the World Cup in 2014. Other Ballon d'Or candidates Franck Ribery and Zlatan Ibrahimovic were good, but came nowhere near matching the magic of Ronaldo in the last week.

Of course, now people are alleging corruption in FIFA's decision to extend the voting period, but that's fine. We're here to win money, not to judge the morality of FIFA.


Anyway, Ronaldo currently sits at 2/5 to win the Ballon d'Or on Bovada. I am not in love with wagering $100 to win $40, but it is literally free money given how great Ronaldo has been this season. You won't regret this one.