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Here Are Your Updated Odds To Win Super Bowl XLVIII

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With Wild Card Weekend in the books, only eight teams remain in the hunt to lift the Lombardi Trophy at MetLife Stadium after Super Bowl XLVIII. That means that you can only bet on eight teams to win the championship. Here are the odds for those eight teams.

Seattle Seahawks5/2
Denver Broncos13/5
San Francisco 49ers5/1
New England Patriots15/2
Carolina Panthers11/1
Indianapolis Colts14/1
New Orleans Saints14/1
San Diego Chargers14/1

Not surprisingly, the Seahawks and Broncos are the favorites among the eight remaining teams. Perhaps the biggest surprise, though, is the presence of the San Francisco 49ers, a Wild Card team, ahead of the New England Patriots and Carolina Panthers, teams that earned first round byes.


Also a little shocking is the fact that the New Orleans Saints, fresh off of a road win in round one over the Philadelphia Eagles, are with Indianapolis and San Diego as the biggest underdogs to lift the trophy at 14/1 odds. Obviously winning in Seattle in the Divisional round is no easy task, but Drew Brees has had as much playoff success as any quarterback still playing, with the exception of Tom Brady. It isn't at all far fetched to think that he can do it again, which makes the Saints at 14/1 a fascinating value play.

Of course, no matter who you bet to win the Super Bowl, you're probably going to be wrong (goddamn Peyton), but you'll never know until you try.



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