The New York Giants and Minnesota Vikings are remarkably bad at football, with the two teams combining for a 1-10 record thus far. In fact, neither of these teams have managed to win a game on this continent through six weeks, with the Vikings' only win coming in London against the then-winless Vikings, no less.

In other words, you are truly a degenerate gambler if you're putting money on a game featuring two teams who have only been consistent at one thing this year: being terrible. But, being the degenerate that I am, I'm am here for you, and have prepared a handy (read: long and cumbersome) guide for tonight's game. All odds are from the Las Vegas Hilton, from Vegas Insider.

Point Spread: Giants -4

Over/Under: 48

The over/under is fascinating in this game, simply because of the amount of new faces that will be seeing significant action on the offensive side of the ball for both sides.


Josh Freeman is making his first start with the Vikings after starting his season by missing team photos, having captains votes rigged against him by Schiano Men, being benched for Mike Glennon, probably catching MRSA, and presumably tons of other unspeakable horrors. What will his learning curve be like in this, his first game as a Viking?

For the Giants, Brandon Jacobs is out, which means that Peyton Hillis will unironically get carries for the New York Giants. David Wilson is out with a severe case of HOW ABOUT YOU STOP DOING BACKFLIPS, FAKING TWITTER FIGHTS AND RUNNING AROUND IN RABBIT HEADS AND PRACTICE NOT FUMBLING A FOOTBALL.


While the two previous paragraphs would suggest that you should toss a few Benjamins on the under, don't forget just how bad these two defenses are.


Minnesota is allowing a league worst 418 yards per game, despite only facing one top ten offense in the league in Detroit. They conceded 31, 27 and 35 points to Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Carolina, respectively, all of whom are 22nd or worse in the NFL in yards per game. Football Outsiders has them ranked 20th against the pass, and 28th against the run.

The Giants aren't doing much better, and by that, I mean that they're somehow doing worse than Minnesota on defense. They are on pace to allow more points than any team in the history of the NFL, having allowed 34.8 points per game in their first six. Football Outsiders lists them at number 11 in the league against the run, but a lot of that presumably has to do with the fact that teams have been safely able to run the clock out against them after halftime. Against the pass, the Giants are 28th according to Football Outsiders' rankings.


Combined, these teams have combined for three games that have featured fewer than 48 points, with eight combined games exceeding the total. At the end of the day, while both teams are in disarray offensively, I can't see these two defenses digging in enough to prevent 48 points from being reached.

If you have to bet the over/under, and I strongly discourage it given all of the facts listed above, the over is the way to go.


Over/Under Pick: OVER 48

As for the spread, it's a bit baffling as to why a team that has not only won zero games, but hasn't been close to winning a game, is favored by more than a field goal. In fact, according to R.J. Bell, the Giants are the first team since point spreads became a thing to be 0-6 and favored by more than a field goal.


The Giants are also the worst team in the league at keeping the football, with a league-worst -16 turnover differential. Eli Manning's 15 interceptions so far this season are enough to result in him being favored over Josh Freeman (who, again, has been de-captained, benched, released, and MRSA'd in just a couple of months) to throw an interception first tonight, according to Bovada's odds.

Both of these teams are terrible, but asking a team that has yet to win a game by one point to win by four is just too much for me.


Spread Pick: Vikings +4