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Colin Cowherd Is Killin' It With His NFL Picks This Season

Last year, I gave Colin Cowherd a bunch of shit for his lackluster NFL picks (which have since been scrubbed from Well, this year he's doing better. Way better. And since I'm the type of stand up guy to point out both good and bad performances from people like Cowherd, I have to give credit where credit is due.


Through four weeks of the 2014 NFL season, Cowherd is 14-6 with his Blazing Five picks, a success rate of 70% at the quarter mark of the season. The mark people shoot for to obtain profitability in sports betting is right around 55%, which Cowherd is destroying to this point.

In fact, if you put $20 on each of his Blazing Five picks this year, you'd be up $143.20 through four weeks. If you upped that investment to $100 per game, you'd be up a cool $716.

Of course, there's a lot not to like about Colin Cowherd and the way he thinks about lots of topics in the sports world. That's not up for debate. But as bad as Cowherd is at having discussions about what direction hats should face or when the appropriate time to do the Dougie is, he's been that good at picking football games this year.

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