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Friend of the blog and former Deadspin commenter sweatingmullets is a huge Kansas City Chiefs fan. Well, not really, but he's a big Alex Smith fan, that's for sure. I think it's because he's living in Utah, Smith's college home, or something. But, yeah, he's a big fan of Smitty.


Good for him, man. There are enough people on Peyton Manning's jock. Go your own way, sweaty. We all (read: I'm the only one who does this) respect you for it.


Now let's pick a football game.

Line: Chiefs -7 vs. RAIDERS

Over/Under: 42.5

Neither of these teams are usually impressive offensively, especially Oakland, who has only scored more than 14 points in a game thrice this season. Gimme that under.


Over/Under: UNDER 42.5

Defensively, these teams are relatively even. It's their offenses that set them apart. Kansas City is ranked seventh in DVOA on offense, thanks to their second place spot in the rushing department. Alex Smith is offering some pristine hand offs to enable that kind of success if you ask me.


Oakland's offense, meanwhile, is ranked 31st in DVOA, and are dead last in yards per pass attempt. Maybe they should have signed Alex Smith instead of using whatever idiot quarterback they have now.

For my pick, I'll let sweaty make this selection. Take it away, sweaty!


#SmittyTime, indeed.

Pick: Chiefs -7

Last Week: 10-4

2014 ATS: 88-71-1 (55.3%)

2014 Over/Unders: 8-3 (72.7%)

2014 NFL Overall: 96-74-1 (56.5%)

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