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Cardinals/Rams: A Betting Guide For Those Who Feel Like Quitting

You know what feels shitty? Spending years working at something only to have it not pay off in the least. I know, we've all been there or some other useless fucking platitude, but save that shit for a motivational cat poster. There's no worse feeling than trying your best and failing.

It just makes you want to give up, doesn't it? Or just become the worst human being you could imagine, and the polar opposite of yourself. In other words, why not just become Chuck C. Johnson? I mean, he seems to be doing alright in spite of whatever screws he has loose. Certainly better than you, anyway. And shitting on a floor sounds pretty liberating compared to your garbage life. So fuck it, right?


Well, that deflating, soul crushing, suicidal thought inducing feeling is surely washing over the Arizona Cardinals at the moment. After spending years trying to return to the Super Bowl in the post-Kurt Warner era, they finally put it all together this season. Their defense was top notch, and their offense was finally good enough to win them games with Carson Palmer at the helm.

Then Palmer got hurt, Drew Stanton hasn't been effective, the defense has had to be on the field more, and the team has lost two out of their last three games because nothing good can ever happen in life and our inevitable march towards death is the only thing to look forward to.

Anyway, the Cardinals take on the Rams this week, who have been playing really well lately. I really like the Rams, who are ranked ahead of Arizona in offensive DVOA and are top ten in DVOA on defense, in this spot. But what I think doesn't matter. Nothing matters, really.

RAMS -4.5 over Cardinals and UNDER 40.5

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