One of the best parts of online sports betting is that it's easy to get in on the action during current sports events. The latest example of this is Bovada's prop bet on who the next manager of the Detroit Tigers will be.

First of all, shame on Bovada for not including any joke candidates at ridiculous odds, a la Paddy Power. This is an especially huge buzzkill when Jose Canseco took to Twitter to let the Tigers know that he would be a great choice for the job. He spoon fed you a 1000/1 value play, Bovada!

It's also worth noting that Eric Wedge, who resigned this year from the Seattle Mariners managerial job, is not listed here despite telling the Detroit Free Press that he'd love the opportunity to manage the team.

At the end of the day, you'd be pretty foolish to seek action on something as ridiculous as this (unless you happen to work in the Detroit Tigers front office, in which case, feel free to give me a call). But the fact that this line exists exemplifies why online sports betting is fantastic, and why the state of New Jersey wants it so badly.