When we last left NBA Countdown host and BFF of Jalen Rose Bill Simmons, we were making fun of his NFL picks, because they have been abominable. In fact, they have been so abominable, that he doesn't want you to remember that they exist!

Below is a list of all of the columns containing Bill Simmons' NFL picks from Week 9 and beyond. Needless to say, there aren't a lot of words dedicated to NFL picks.

  • Week 9: actual NFL picks.
  • Week 10: column breaking down NFL playoff races with eight weeks left in the season, picks in a sidebar.
  • Week 11: mailbag!
  • Week 12: ode to Calvin Johnson, picks in a sidebar.
  • Week 13: mailbag!
  • Week 14: talking about how bad the NBA's Eastern Conference is, picks in a sidebar.
  • Week 15: MALCOLM GLADWELL, picks in a sidebar. But I guess that doesn't matter when I can read all about Chris Paul's son's brand! I bet that Rovell got all hot and bothered when he read that paragraph.


Don't get me wrong, being mega terrible at picking NFL games isn't fun. I know this through extensive first hand experience at being mega terrible at picking NFL games. But, dude, you've gotta own it.