A few years ago, some genius decided to bet $20 against the Pittsburgh Pirates in each of their 162 games, and ended up making a nice profit as a result. If you'd done the same thing against the Los Angeles Lakers last NBA season, you too would have seen a nice profit.

If you had bet the same $20 on whoever was playing the Lakers, against the spread, for each of their 82 games, you would have posted a record of 47-34-1, and came out ahead $175.40. That's, rounding to the nearest tenth, a 10.7% return on an investment of $1640.

Naturally, though, if there was one team that you were going to perform an experiment like this with, it would be the hapless Charlotte Bobcats. While their 21 straight up wins exceeded the Orlando Magic's 20, their 31-51 record against the spread was the worst in the NBA. A $20 bet against the Bobcats in each of their 82 games would have resulted in a profit of $308.20, an 18.8% return on that same $1640 investment.

At the end of each week in both the NBA and NFL, starting one week from today (a day that marks the end of Week Eight in the NFL and opening night in the NBA), I'll post an update with results for each team in both leagues if you decided to bet against them in every single one of their games. You'll be surprised to see which teams competing for titles lose bettors money on a regular basis.