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Aldon Smith Needs Help, So Why Won't Anybody Say It?

Aldon Smith is in trouble again after apparently mentioning a bomb during a security screening at LAX. Aldon Smith clearly needs help to beat his demons. So why is that kind of talk reserved for people like Jim Irsay?

Both Smith and Irsay have done a number of bad/questionable things and have been under the influence during some of those things. However, the reactions to those incidents have been polar opposites. Here, for example, is Herm Edwards on both the Aldon Smith and Jim Irsay situations.


Here is Edwards on SportsCenter talking about Smith, where his first thought is on whether or not the San Francisco 49ers should release Smith given his contract situation:

And here is Edwards on Mike and Mike talking about Irsay, where his first thought is to stress that Irsay needs help:

Not surprisingly, Edwards doesn't say one word about the fact that Aldon Smith could certainly benefit from some kind of professional help, which he could certainly benefit from, just like it became clear that Irsay needed it when he decided to go for a drive under the influence with pills and a whole bunch of cash on him.


Despite the rampant misbehavior taking place in NFL front offices, the owners need help to beat their demons, while the players are thugs and miscreants who should be run out of whatever city they are currently in before they burn it to the ground using Grey Goose as their accelerant and a lit joint as the match.

Both Aldon Smith and Jim Irsay need help, but only one of them is classified as a man who needs help. There is something wrong with that, yet some of the most visible voices in American media continue to uphold that double standard.

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