Full disclosure: I've never been a fan of betting the horses. It's hard enough to predict how humans are going to perform in sporting events, let alone our equine friends. For the guy who won, then lost, a $1.7 million payout at the track today, he's probably feeling the same way right about now.

This all went down today at Gulfstream Park in Hallandale Beach, Florida, where a bettor wagered on what is known as the Rainbow Six, a unique ticket that is a variant on the Pick Six, with a much lower minimum play. If you hit your six races consecutively, you win, unless there is another winning ticket, at which point the jackpot carries over into the next day of action. As DRF states, this is kind of a terrible bet unless you do it on the last day of a meet, where the jackpot must be awarded in the event of multiple winners.

Our bettor won his six races, and it looked like he was going to come away with $1.7 million dollars. Presumably, that individual was really excited, until an inquiry was launched following the sixth race, one that resulted in his horse being disqualified for what HRTV's Andrew Champagne described to me as "interference in the stretch." So, instead of taking home nearly $2 million from a day at the track, the guy won nothing, in one of the worst beats I've ever heard of in my life.

Of course, with a minimum bet of such a small amount, I'm sure that the victim of the disqualification didn't go home destitute, but it's still a sad story and an absolutely brutal beat.


[h/t Andrew Champagne]