Today, Jameis Winston was not charged with sexual assault stemming from an incident back in 2012. While some people still want to know why there was an 11 month delay in the investigation process and some people want to know if Winston's accuser really was intimidated by a Tallahassee detective, others want to know one very important thing: how have Jameis Winston's Heisman Trophy odds been affected by all of this?

This is the most Rovellian shit that I've ever seen. Even though I'm sure Winston actually is innocent, it just doesn't sit right to me that people would rather talk about the Heisman Trophy rather than ask the most obvious question there is: why in the world did it take 11 months to investigate this, when there would clearly be no physical evidence that could possibly lead this case to trial? Anyone who's seen an episode of Degrassi could tell you that one.


Either way, good on these people and the rest of the sports media for putting this whole situation in the rearview mirror so quickly so we could get back to important things, like some goddamn trophy.