You Can Bet On Roger Goodell Getting Fired As NFL Commissioner

Roger Goodell, the colossal shithead who appears to have lied about having seen the video of Ray Rice punching out Janay Palmer before suspending Rice for all of two games, is on the hot seat as NFL commissioner. Now, you can bet on whether or not Goodell will lose his job over his handling of the situation. » 9/10/14 6:06pm 9/10/14 6:06pm

ESPNW Publishes Patronizing Advice For Female Fantasy Football Players

Fantasy football is beloved in this country, with a reason for its popularity being that literally anyone with an internet connection can play (and win) it. Women happen to belong to that list of humans with internet access who can enjoy fantasy football. So ESPN's women's sports vertical, ESPNW, decided to write some… » 8/28/14 11:17pm 8/28/14 11:17pm

Dude Wins $15 Million In Poker, Does Not Seem All That Jazzed About It

Daniel Colman won the final table of the The Big One for One Drop—the same poker tournament that featured this gut-punch of a bad beat—and he came away with more than $15 million in prize money. Despite this, Colman did not seem all that excited about his victory! » 8/13/14 2:03pm 8/13/14 2:03pm