Mark Cuban Takes Shot At NFL For Its Opposition To Sports Betting

On Friday, a judge shot down a New Jersey law that would have allowed sports betting, to the satisfaction of the four major American sports leagues, all of which opposed it—and all of which profit immensely from bettors' interest. As Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said of every owner and executive, including himself,… » 11/23/14 2:35pm Sunday 2:35pm

Sports Leagues, Now Governments, Get Betting Injunction In NJ

Sports leagues bring in ungodly sums of money, and are still allowed to extort money from taxpayers like you and me on a whim. They are, apparently, also able to stop people from exercising free will by blocking the legalization of sports betting as they have in New Jersey. Sports leagues have become more powerful… » 11/22/14 1:42am 11/22/14 1:42am

Olbermann: If Pro Sports Want Legal Gambling, Help Gambling Addicts

Adam Silver's op-ed in the New York Times in support of legalized sports gambling reversed the long history of professional sports outwardly demonizing gambling while stage whispering all the information with which gamblers can make their decisions. If we bring gambling out of the shadows and, you know, get it some… » 11/14/14 6:16pm 11/14/14 6:16pm

NBA Commissioner Announces Support For Legalized Sports Gambling

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has broken ranks with his sports executive brethren, and announced his support for an expansion of legalized sports gambling in the United States in a New York Times op-ed. Silver points out that, despite its widespread illegality, sports gambling is a massive, and growing, business: » 11/13/14 10:42pm 11/13/14 10:42pm

Is The Face Of Sports Gambing Really Some Goddamn Tout?

Since placing small bets on sporting events and blogging about picking sporting events for betting purposes isn't a very lucrative career, I have a pretty normal 9-to-5 job. Every Monday, while listening to sports radio on the way home, an obnoxious ad runs telling me to call a toll free number for a lock against the… » 11/11/14 9:52pm 11/11/14 9:52pm

Bookies Are Placing Odds On NASCAR Fights Now

When I saw that NASCAR drivers were punching each other in the face with increasing frequency, only one question crossed my mind. How can I, being fat, slow, and dainty, get in on this hot NASCAR-punching action? Well now bookies are placing odds on the fights, so you can put your money where your dreams are. » 11/05/14 8:34pm 11/05/14 8:34pm

Here Are Some Problems I Have With "Here Are Some Problems I Have With…

This morning, Same Sad Echo gave us his thoughts on "Rude" by Magic!. While this piece, asserting that "Rude" by Magic! is bad and wrong, was basically written already on beer and e-commerce blog Deadspin, it is no better now than it was in July. I have decided to address Mr. Echo's thoughts below. His words are… » 11/04/14 11:43pm 11/04/14 11:43pm